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Try P!nk Blog - The ultimate spot for Pinkches!
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Try P!nk

Welcome to Try P!nk, the ultimate spot for P!nkches. Here you will find the latest news, media and discussions on the artist we all know as P!nk. The community is updated almost daily by me and you're more than welcome to post and join discussions.


1. TAGS. Please use tags every time you post something. Tags make it so much easier to find something, whether it is a lyric, or a news article or a video. The most common tags used are: media (if you're posting any song, link to an interview, video), pics, news (any articles and such), reviews, charts (chart positions, song updates), discussion (random discussion), tv (tv appearance), appearance (if it's an appearance other than on TV, such as radio), request (if you're requesting something), tour and etc... You get the drill.

2. You're allowed to post links to websites RELATED to this one...meaning, anything relating to P!nk. So if you're going to promote you're new community or website, make sure it has something to do with "P!nk" or else your post will be deleted.

3. Please be courteous. You don't have to like each other but at least have respect.

4. When posting spoilers and/or large images, please use the Live Journal Cut. Not everyone has broadband internet and posting large images (or multiple images) without a cut is kind of rude and annoying. Also, there are many people here who have yet to see a movie or played a certain game, so when revealing "spoilers," also use the LJ-Cut.

5. When posting news, please give source.


If you would like to affiliated with this community, please contact me with your website link and button.

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